Houston Pottery Lessons

Pottery classes from Old School Clay are held at my fully equipped, professional studio, centrally located in the Houston Heights, easily accessible from Interstate 10 and from the 610 Loop. I offer private lessons and group classes for all ages from children to adults. Having taught for fifteen years, I am able to structure pottery classes for students who are just beginning with clay as well as those who are seeking advanced instruction. If you're looking for the most basic instruction, trying to enhance existing skills, or require professional development as a Professional Art Educator in Ceramics, I can help.

Basic Instruction consists of an introduction to what clay is, basic methods of working with clay, understanding what happens to clay as it goes through the forming, drying and firing stages, learning about and making glazes, and learning how to fire a kiln. Students will learn to make pottery that is Raku fired, low fired or high fired in an electric kiln. For those who are interested, I can also provide instruction on basic kiln building.

Private Individual Pottery Lesson Pricing

One person lessons $50/hr

Two person lessons $60/hr ($30 each)

Three person lessons $75/hr ($25 each)

Group Pottery Lesson Pricing

Group lessons of 4 to 6 people $100 for 1½ hr

This is the scale is often used for children's lessons after school. The small class size allows me to focus greater attention on each student.

Please take note that the above prices are the cost of instructional time only. There are additional charges for clay, glazes and firing. These costs are dependent upon the amount of work that you do. Typically, a beginning student will get a twenty five pound bag of clay. The cost for the bag of clay is $15 dollars. Quite a few pots can be made from this bag and it may easily be split between two or more folks if you are just coming for a one time visit. There is a nominal glaze fee of $10 and a firing fee of $10.

These figures are meant to give you a "ballpark" idea of what things will cost. Additionally, though an hours instruction is adequate, folks will often schedule an hour and a half or two hour session when they are beginning. If you have any questions about pricing and are interested in scheduling lessons, please either send me an email or give me a call.

Paint Your Own Pottery

Old School Clay also offers one-time events for groups or individuals who want to glaze and fire a piece of Raku pottery, but don't have the time to make their own pieces. I will provide you with a unique bowl, plate, platter or bottle that you will decorate with your very own design using various underglazes, slips and glazes. These are not mass-produced (slip cast) pieces of pottery. Each piece you glaze is hand made in my Houston studio, insuring that your creation is truly one of a kind. Pricing varies depending upon the size of the pots that you would like to decorate.

This is a great way to create a personal gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, or any occasion you want to make special and memorable.

Please for custom pricing and to schedule an event.

"Getting to Know Clay" Party

For a unique party or group activity, try a Getting to Know Clay party in my Houston Heights studio. Spend a relaxed evening or afternoon with friends, sharing food and wine as you explore your creative side through the art and craft of pottery as I guide you through creating your own work of art. Maximum party size is 8 people, but arrangements may be made for larger groups.

Please for custom pricing and to schedule an event.

If you'd like to attend a Getting to Know Clay party but don't have a group, just let me know and I'll inform you when there are enough people interested to throw an event.